who ever thought?

the boys that complete my life.


the boys that make my whole being laugh.


the boys that make my head spin in circles.


the boys that make my heart smile.


my boys.

who ever thought i'd be this lucky?
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a malapascuan holiday

Last week:
1. My toes were buried in the sand.
2. I sat trying to write as the sun baked on my skin but eventually stopped as 
my thoughts were left clouded and disturbed.
3. I found it hard to switch off and it left me frustrated.
4. I watched the little one swim in the ocean for the first time, watched how his hair lightened in the 
mid morning sunshine and marveled at the sound of his laughter as he chased the waves. 
 5. I only finished one book.
6. I cheated on the diet that I was supposed to stay on but that garlic rice was so worth it.
7. I was made to choose between a friend and a husband on drunken night that went wrong. 
I didn't like how small it made me feel.
8. Not a fan of conflict, especially on holiday.
 Life is too bloody short for shit like that.
9. I saw Nemo and lots of starfish as we spent one afternoon snorkelling. But also greeted that
 fear of being in the middle of the ocean in a little moment of panic.
10. Old friends + happy hour. Moments to remember.
11. I watched my son play with the local children, who touched his golden hair and 
gazed at his white skin.
12. ... At the same time watched these kids as their smiles lit their beautiful faces 
when they spotted the camera. I still can't get over how genuine their smiles were.
13. I flirted with the husband as we reminisced about our honeymoon in Jamaica and shared a smile 
when we realised this was our tenth year together.
14. I promised myself that this getaway needed to happen more often. 
Another three years till the next one is too long.
15. ... And further realised that the husband and I need to go away as a couple more 
than we think we do.
16. I let my contentment overpower my distracted mind, after all, with this as my backdrop,
 what kind of fool did I play myself out to be?  so eventually, I let it all slip away.

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