i blinked and then life happened.

it's been frustrating and it's been good.

i've wanted to punch peoples lights out and i've wanted to hug them until they run out of breath.

i've smiled and laughed. i've been angry and i've cried.

and the year has only begun.

but yes, life happened.

and so did insta.gram.

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because i love architecture


I easily forget where my true passion lies. But then when I look back into my files from my third year lecture series at Chelsea College of Art and Design, I remember exactly when I fell in love with architecture. 

Mostly it is about the beginning stages, when everything is so raw, when the lines trace sketchbooks, blank pieces of tracing paper, or random paper napkins in coffee shops.Then it becomes about the stories behind it, behind why a building was created. And then comes the finished stage, where you see the written, sketched out stories in its material and complete structure within the landscapes. 

As much as my love for interior was embedded into my young heart, my love for architecture grew as we were taught aspects of it that I never knew existed. 

and now I fully understand (even if I already knew)  where my love for delicate lines and simple colour began....

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architecture must be true to itself

Sometimes when life gets in the way, you forget about how far you wanted to reach, how high you wanted to soar.

Then one person simply and unknowingly brings you back with a pinch of passion and insight.

Thank you, Mr. Manosa for a little Friday morning inspiration.

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a letter to the universe

Dear Universe,

So, last year was tough. Somehow,  I now believe that you weren't on my side. But I am writing this letter to ask you to sit by me for my two thousand and eleven. Because I truly believe that it can be mine to grasp onto and remember.

Help me to know that this needs to be my year.
Remind me that this needs to be the year that I excel.
Tell me this has to be the year that I shine, this should be the year that I find my place.
Convince me that this can be the one, that this will be the one.

And as I walk through the doors of a gigantic firm tomorrow with my portfolio in my arms, I only ask for you to hold my hand through it all, for you to remind me that things happen for a reason and for you to help me understand that this is what I need, albeit not what I had envisioned. I also ask for you to help me with my nerves seeing that it has been awhile since I have done this.

I hope that is not too much to ask.


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For when the world gives you tomorrow, you're gonna learn to live again

If you place a thing into the center of your life
That lacks the power to nourish
It will eventually poison everything that you are
And destroy you
A simple a thing as an idea
Or your perspective on yourself of the world
No one can be the source of your content,
It lies within, in the center.
Only with mellow while your thin enough to slide through
Only with mellow while your thin enough to slide through

Don't let nothing ride you.

If the sun or the moon should keel away to die,
They would immediately go out .


Swallow don't make a sound,
But tomorrow has to start somewhere.

Newspapers entertain,
Lion Tamers die in pain
This Child wise beyond words
Whose tears flow without seize
Newspapers entertain,
Lion Tamers die in pain
This child wise beyond words
Whose tears flow without seize
When there's no where, left to run to
Let me come to you, let me help you down
For when the world, gives you tomorrow
You're gonna learn to live again
We can learn to go,
Oh learn as we go

Just to live, for the day
I know it's hard, to live for the moment
Just try, anyway


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my two thousand and ten

Captured: the year that was my two thousand and ten.
my two thousand and ten :
  1. it taught me challenges.
  2. it gave me old and new friends.
  3. i took my son to his first day of preschool and felt my tears well up in my whole body.
  4. i learned about my 3 year old camera in one basic class and rediscovered my love for photography.
  5. i started a blog that originally started here and can't imagine being without it now.
  6. i unravelled.
  7. i saw one of the philippines' 7100 islands in two trips.
  8. i saw hong kong with different eyes.
  9. i saw my son grow from a baby into a little boy.
  10. i began to feel at home in a place that i grew up.
  11. i saw my best friend become a mother.
  12. we moved to a new house and have made it our home. 
  13. it brought me patience
  14. it brought me an understanding that everything has happened for a reason.
  15. its brought me hope that the new year will be the year that i can shine, the year that i can make it through and perhaps that year that i can find myself in that deep sea of creatives and be above the waters where i am breathing and nothing will be pulling me down.
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