.letting go.

Her words are so true. Susannah Conway  says a lot of words that mean more to me than a lot of people would understand. She has taught me a lot of things, I never imagined one woman’s encouragement could be as powerful as they are. Somehow she has come into my life and I could not be more grateful that I already am.

"It’s letting go of expectation.
 Letting go of fear.
 Letting go of doubt.
 Letting go of the hurts.
 Letting go of the disappointments.
 Letting go of the needs.
 Letting go of the stories.
 Letting go of the untruths.
 Letting go of that time you did that thing you shouldn’t have done.
 Letting go of feeling foolish, knowing you were just young. Unformed. Learning. Trying.
 Letting go of the need to be perfect. Correct. Proper.
 Letting go of what’s expected of you, even if they’re your own expectations. Especially then.
 Letting go of the voice in your head that tells you you are shit.
 Letting go of the hatred of your skin. It’s just flesh. Just bones. Just your transportation on earth.
 Letting go of the need to control what happens.
 Letting go of feeling bad because you’re not letting go enough.

 I’m starting to get it now. I really am."
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