.sunday morning rain is falling.

Sundays are created to spend the entire day in an unmade bed. They are made to watch movies all day and eat meals in front of the television.

Sundays are made to forget about work and spend time with a little monster. They make us feel lazy, lethargic, and rested. They allow us to drift off, unwind, and relax in a dreamy slumber.

They exist so you can do these things and not feel guilty.

It’s been ages since a Sunday like this has come my way. I just wish there were three of us in our bed and not just two.
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lauren lanza osias said...

that perfectly explains my ideal sunday. yesterday, i stayed in my pajamas all day and just hung out with my hubby and puppy. it was brilliant. love it.

when bad clothes happen to good people... and kathryn heigl...

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