"I’m going to teach you how to see the world through
your eyes and your heart, 
and how to translate that into a photograph."    -Susannah Conway

Perfect timing.

I can't wait.....
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It grows on you and makes you want to stay. You become a part of the music of the street.

Music Of The Street

Eat-you-alive town.
Nothing here is innocent.
Nothing here is really pure.
There's danger around each corner.
Nothing here is stopping, nothing here is slow.
There's never a moment of silence,
There's never a moment alone.
Horns honking,
People talking,
Vendors yelling,
Children laughing.
The city has a beat,
It pounds into your brain.
There's a rhythm to this city, a shuffle that's contagious.
This city's made of music!
It'll stick in your head and never leave.
It's a fantasy.
A daydream.
It grows on you and makes you want to stay.
You become a part of the music of the street.

-Jennifer Lujanac.

Cities the series by Charlie Bearman.
First seen on Illustration Served.
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Delicate circles, Oh so bright, Shimmering shells in it’s eye.


They say peacock feathers represent pride, nobility and glory.
The feathers are a symbol of incorruptibility and immortality.

They are a symbol of integrity and the beauty that can be achieved when we aim
for a way to better ourselves.

The Greek myth, the goddess Hera placed eyes on its feathers to symbolise 
all-seeing knowledge and the wisdom of the heavens.
The feathers represent the God Lakshmi's qualities of kindness, patience and good fortune.
And the Buddhists believe that the feathers are associated with openness and
that they have the ability to thrive in the face of suffering.

Extremely symbolic, wonderfully beautiful and now they sit dotted around my house to 
remind me of the deep meaning they exude. 

They remind me :

To be proud but not arrogant.

To be dignified but not superior.

To be powerful but not overpowering. 

and  to be strong but not intoxicating.
*Peacock feather meanings from numerous sites.

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broken down but not defeated.

It's been a bad week, and today I felt completely broken down and powerless.  

Screw you for making me feel this way. 

I like to be challenged but I don't like to be tested.
I like to be pushed but I don't like to be provoked.
I like to to be constructively critisised but I hate being offended.
I believe wisdom comes with age but I don't believe that age allows superiority.
I like to be fair but I don't like it when I am taken for granted.  

There are limits. 
They have been surpassed.

And I'm kinda over it.

Then I realise how much my career means to me.
But how much more do I cower to save face? 

And is saving face really worth the cower? 
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you are three today

Dear Cameron,

You are three today.


I still remember the moment you decided it was finally time to come, albeit five days late.
I was in labour for two days and you kept us waiting. Elation and tears, pain and exhaustion,
happiness and love. Do you know you brought all these emotions to us? I remember staring
at you for hours, in disbelief that you were mine. Do you know I still sit and stare at you? It's
been three years and I still can't believe that you are mine forever.

☆ I love your affection, how you hug me just because you feel like it, how you kiss my eyes
     or my nose, or just touch my arm. It reminds me how much love you have for me.

☆ I love that you know exactly what you want, that you are independent and have a confidence
     in your stride. It shows me that we are teaching you to be yourself.

☆ I love how polite you are. Every thank you and please shows me that we are raising you with
    good manners.

☆ I love it when you lace your little fingers into mine to hold my hand.  I hope you hold my
     hand like this forever.

☆ I love how naughty you are, no matter how mad it makes me. It makes me smile to know
     that you have a strong personality.

☆ I love our conversations. Your incessant chatter and your endless stories.

☆ I love that you remember things that happened months ago, like it happened yesterday.
     Your memory continues to baffle me everyday.

☆ I love our bedtime routines. They have stayed constant since you were a baby and is our
     favourite time of day.

☆ I love that you love to sing and that you love to hear me sing. I've been singing to you
     since you were in my tummy.

☆ I love how your mind works. I love seeing your mind process as you say things a million
miles a minute. It shows me that you are always thinking.

☆ I love that you are growing to be a charming little man. I hope you always stay that way.

☆ I love that I can barely remember what life was like without you around. I love that I don't
     want to remember.

For you, my silly moo, on your third.

*for cameron, on his second.
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high heels and electric pleats

one formal ball. a red carpet + media.

one girl who stood there on this red carpet for the first time in her life, in a chiffon dress with electric pleats and extremely high heels.

one night of glitz and glamour.

one girl, who in reality would have rather been in denim shorts and a t-shirt, drinking rum in someones backyard.
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it all boils down to my little pockets of peace

i watched my son as he rocked his drumset on stage, like a true rockstar.
i went on a date with my husband.
i watched him as his heart smiled, watched how his face left him free of worry.
i watched the sunshine beat down on our city after a crazy monsoon.
i put my feet up on the dashboard as we drove home.
i let my hands out the window and tried to catch the wind as it blew through my fingers.
i drank wine on the floor of my living room 
with my favourite aunt, her nephew and my husband. 
i drank till my lips were stained red.
i was happy.
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