you are three today

Dear Cameron,

You are three today.


I still remember the moment you decided it was finally time to come, albeit five days late.
I was in labour for two days and you kept us waiting. Elation and tears, pain and exhaustion,
happiness and love. Do you know you brought all these emotions to us? I remember staring
at you for hours, in disbelief that you were mine. Do you know I still sit and stare at you? It's
been three years and I still can't believe that you are mine forever.

☆ I love your affection, how you hug me just because you feel like it, how you kiss my eyes
     or my nose, or just touch my arm. It reminds me how much love you have for me.

☆ I love that you know exactly what you want, that you are independent and have a confidence
     in your stride. It shows me that we are teaching you to be yourself.

☆ I love how polite you are. Every thank you and please shows me that we are raising you with
    good manners.

☆ I love it when you lace your little fingers into mine to hold my hand.  I hope you hold my
     hand like this forever.

☆ I love how naughty you are, no matter how mad it makes me. It makes me smile to know
     that you have a strong personality.

☆ I love our conversations. Your incessant chatter and your endless stories.

☆ I love that you remember things that happened months ago, like it happened yesterday.
     Your memory continues to baffle me everyday.

☆ I love our bedtime routines. They have stayed constant since you were a baby and is our
     favourite time of day.

☆ I love that you love to sing and that you love to hear me sing. I've been singing to you
     since you were in my tummy.

☆ I love how your mind works. I love seeing your mind process as you say things a million
miles a minute. It shows me that you are always thinking.

☆ I love that you are growing to be a charming little man. I hope you always stay that way.

☆ I love that I can barely remember what life was like without you around. I love that I don't
     want to remember.

For you, my silly moo, on your third.

*for cameron, on his second.
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