you are two today

you are two today.

and when i close my eyes i can still feel you fit comfortably in the nook of my arms,
i can still smell your newborn scent, i can still hear your little cries; so small.
your arrival into our world brings me gratitude in every possible way and every day 
i am grateful for the love you bring into my life. 

✩ i love your curious mind. you amaze me with your intelligence and your quick grasp on knowledge. 

✩ i love your beautiful gapped teeth smiles. your little dimples make my heart melt in all directions.

i love our bedtime stories. i always find it hard to be away at these times.

i love the way you smell in the morning. it is my favourite scent in the whole world.

i love the way your little hand fits into mine. one day they will be bigger than mine but i will 
    always  remember the way they feel in mine now. 

i love your little hugs and kisses. they light up my day. i especially love that you hold my face 
    tightly when you give kisses.

✩ i love how you run to me when you are hurt. i love that you believe that my kisses take the pain away
    and that you know my arms always comfort you.
i love the way that you love me. it’s unconditional, perfect and larger than anything i have ever known.  

✩ i love that no matter how bad my day was, coming home to you takes it all away.

i love how you make me soul happy. i am grateful for this happiness you bring into my life. 

i love who you are. your big personality overcomes your little body. 

i love that you are my son. i cannot begin to imagine my life without you.

so to you, my boy, on your second birthday.

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Mariella said...

What a nice post Rae...sniff...I can't believe my own baby boy is almost one year old..they grow up way too fast, do they?

Anonymous said...

What a great sentiment, Rae. I too hope to post something as beautiful and heartfelt as this one soon. Happy birthday beautiful Cameron!

rae said...

what a hard post it was to write!

But Mariella yes, they do grow up so fast. Sometimes I really wonder where the time has gone.

and Aggie, you will one day write these words and feel the way I do. Just believe that time will grant you what you have been wishing for.

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