ready to fall in love

 I can't wait to use you, 'my little analogue princess'.

You intimidate me with your mystery.
It's knowing that I have to wait to see the your shots, knowing that I have no full control over it.
 Knowing that there's no editing, no deleting. One frame, one chance to capture that moment.

It's all pretty exciting if you ask me!

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Happiness is....

... finding photos of last summer in LA in a folder that I forgot existed.

on that note:

dear universe, 

please let me find my way back there soon. 



other photos of this trip also seen here
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the glamourbaby diaries

It's not often that I get asked to be featured on a blog. 
In fact, it's not often that my blog gets any attention. 

So when Ruby asked me to be a glamourbaby for her blog,  The Glamourbaby Diaries, I thought, why not. 
A spoken word performer, a creative, a fellow Filipina who represents empowerment for women and youth and an advocate for social change. Why not be featured on her blog? There was nothing to lose after all. So I did. 

Jump on over here to see what the interview was about.

"Believe that things happen for a reason, that you need to trust yourself and your instincts. Believe in yourself and to trust that all struggles have a power to become your strength ..........  And wherever your ride takes you, well, enjoy it because it’s one that you’ll never forget."  
                                      - Rachel Le Roux

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art inspiration : anna grosh

Anna Grosh for The Jane Campion Film Festival. A Siberian graphic designer/ illustrator now based in San Francisco, working wonders with that creativity of hers.  

Her ink wash and sketched portraits again show my ultimate love for this kind of mixed media. There's just something about how a black and white drawing or sketch sits perfectly amongst the splotches of washed out color.
For more of her work, check her out on illustration served or behance network.

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'unscripted conversations'

Two beautiful ladies.

The traffic was horrendous that night but all of it was worth is seeing the happy and 
extremely proud faces that were there that night. I know I was one of them. It truly is wonderful to witness dreams come true and when you know how passionate people are about their art, it is then that you understand the depth of their pride. 

To my friends, Sarah + Vicky ... for their dreams that came true. 
 And to a book that truly is worth having on my coffee table.

The amazing "S&V" flower installation courtesy of my cousins over at Holland Blooms who pulled pretty much an all-nighter getting it set with over 7000 pins and ficus leaves. 

Now let's try get this video over one hundred thousand hits by January 15th.

 " It symbolizes being able to get eyes on something that was built and created from the ground up, by Filipinos, about Filipinos, but for the world. It's our bridge between old and new, Fil-Ams and the motherland, other cultures and ours, our grandparents and our children. It's a representative of Filipino talent, and what we are capable of -- today. On the brink of 2012. With the internet at our disposal, and the world, literally at our fingertips." - Sarah Meier-Albano
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stop.look. listen.

stop look and listen. 

his heart dances in wonder when light shines on his little playground.
his eyes sparkle when the water falls through his fingertips.

stop look and listen.

his lips are blue from wanting to hold onto his ordinary moment that 
isn't actually that ordinary in his eyes.
his brave soul lowers him to that last step.

stop look and listen.
because if you don't, you'll miss it all.

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last week

10 things that made my week:

1. Lazy mornings with the cheekiest three year old I've ever known.
2. Restarting my fitness routine after six months of allowing my ankle to heal.
3. Girls night filled with sushi and salsa.
4. Completing a project my company has been working on since September.
5. Having that last bowl of rice with home cooked Filipino food the night before my diet (SO worth it)
6. Initial meeting with potential clients.
7. Putting up our Christmas tree!
8. Christmas lights.
9. Hearing news that one of my best friends will be coming to see me in five months.
10. Planning 2012.

1 thing that didn't make my week:
Having to say goodbye to my photo meditations project.  :(

On another note, this time last year I started on the reverb project where I reflected on the past year and thought about the year ahead. Lots of things to think about but since I don't think reverb is happening this year or I've totally missed out, I will probably try and catch up with my own 'reverb' project. We'll see how that pans out, shall we? 

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friends & food

A perfect match, a wonderful equation of how those two work extremely well together.

How could you ask for anything else except nights that involve lots of food, good conversations  which include travel, dreams, goals, + creativity, lots of laughter, and a whole load of grilled cheese.

.... when you walk waddle away full and fulfilled, well, to me that is a whole lot of happiness.

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