'unscripted conversations'

Two beautiful ladies.

The traffic was horrendous that night but all of it was worth is seeing the happy and 
extremely proud faces that were there that night. I know I was one of them. It truly is wonderful to witness dreams come true and when you know how passionate people are about their art, it is then that you understand the depth of their pride. 

To my friends, Sarah + Vicky ... for their dreams that came true. 
 And to a book that truly is worth having on my coffee table.

The amazing "S&V" flower installation courtesy of my cousins over at Holland Blooms who pulled pretty much an all-nighter getting it set with over 7000 pins and ficus leaves. 

Now let's try get this video over one hundred thousand hits by January 15th.

 " It symbolizes being able to get eyes on something that was built and created from the ground up, by Filipinos, about Filipinos, but for the world. It's our bridge between old and new, Fil-Ams and the motherland, other cultures and ours, our grandparents and our children. It's a representative of Filipino talent, and what we are capable of -- today. On the brink of 2012. With the internet at our disposal, and the world, literally at our fingertips." - Sarah Meier-Albano
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