one wish

So far, it's been two years in a row.

If I keep it up, one day I'll get to those places I've always dreamed of.

Fingers crossed.

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Once when their world was their playground

Sometime in the late 1930's, my grandparents took this photo on an England beach somewhere up north. 
Young and carefree, just before the war. 
Happy and in love. 
A playful Grandpa way before he got ill and a radiant, relaxed grandma, who in her old age has become so reserved. 

I like to imagine that on this day, nothing in the world mattered to them. 
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the one that got away

They say that feeling of that one love affair that existed in your life, the one that gave you shivers down your spine, the one that gave you butterflies (and still does) in your tummy, the one that you dreamt of every night, the one you shed tears over, will never go away. 

Mine has lasted over a decade. 

And will never cease to fade.

The only difference is that my love affair was not one with a boy but one with New York. It was short and sweet. It took my breath away. It caused my heart to palpitate in ways I could never have imagined. It gave me chills when I breathed in its life. It broke my heart fourteen years ago when I knew i wouldn't be back. That one relationship I can't let go of, the one that holds my heart in an unimaginable grasp.

The one that got away.
{NYC sketches via Robert Scholten}

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two peas in a pod

They're like Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
Attached at the hip. 
Best buddies. 
Some even think they're twins.
It's nice to see little friendships mean something to three year olds. 

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