ordinary days. extraordinary moments.

The three of us.
Dinosaur rides. Pirate ships. Log rides. A walk through an vintage, make-believe Brooklyn town.
His happiness was contagious and he skipped his way through this little amusement park that seemed bigger than the universe to him.

A place of my past where weekends were spent when I was a teenager. My son's new obsession. My husbands new discovery. Full circle that's come straight back to me.

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lines, letters and life.

{Stand still watching the world go by
Standstill state of mind.
Deadlocked soul in a stirring moment.
Grounded in its dynamism.}
                                 { rlr '12 }

it's been one of those months.
i knew it would come visit me soon. 

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illustration inspiration (javier marro)

Thought it was just about that time to post up some of my inspirations.
 It's been awhile, I know. It's been awhile since I've posted anything actually. 

First found Chilean artist Javier Marro on Illustration Served and immediately fell in love with his mixed media digital  work.  I love that he layers it on top of vintage blurred newspapers with more layers  of watercolor blotches. The sepia colour tones are wonderful matching the mood of each sketchy lined portraits but highlights the eyes which creates even more depth to the mood of his drawings. 


On another note, I'm getting ready to sign up for Blogging From the Heart with none other than Susannah Conway, who I've done most of my courses with. After Photo Meditations ended, it got a little stagnant on here, so I think this would be the perfect way to kickstart things again.

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“ If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? "

There were forty seven of us. 
Forty seven of us on just five walls. 

It felt good to see my work up there and felt good to a part of something big, knowing that everyone had gathered there to share one thing in common. I stood there and looked around, proud of this little achievement of mine, a dream I wanted to reach for years now. All of a sudden, it became real. How do you cope with an emotion like that? How do you deal with how your heart feels when it's bursting at the seams? 

And now all I want is more. I want to feel more of that heavy heartbeat, feel the anxiety of how people reacted to my art, feel the adrenaline that I felt when I stood next to my work and feel how my cheeks felt from smiling all night.

Oh my, I tell you. 
That feeling.. that feeling that crept through my bones. It truly was something else 
and I can't wait for the day it comes to see me again. 

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