my new baby

As I have recently launched my company, along with it comes a blog.
This blog is being shared with my business partner and  my mother, who shares similar tastes but we also have our different ideas on how a space works.

Let's hope I can get this little baby a nice following.

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when lines become art : Louise Despont

I just love Brooklyn artist Louise Despont's architectural geometry and lines. Her patterns of complex lines and circles, created with graphite on antique paper, are so wonderfully detailed and extremely intricate. Her symmetry is soft and delicate, but in fact also manages to create a softness to her more angular lines.

I love the art deco feel to each piece, but yet what definitely draws me to her work the most is the architectural drawing feel to her artwork. 

See more of her work here and here and prepare to fall even more in love.

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wednesdays words

I'm not too sure where I first saw this, but I remember reformatting it on photoshop and printing it out.
and as I looked through my files today, I found it.

Good morning, Manila. I think it really may be alright.
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restoration hardware

I finally had time to walk into this shop on my last US trip, and my heart sunk as I walked out knowing I couldn't bring anything back.

I love everything in here, the distressed woods, the natural,  earthy organic fabrics, the screen print/ sack cushion covers, the old clocks, the stacks of  uncovered, open binded books. It's me all the way, i felt like i could pack that whole shop into a suitcase and bring it home with me. And the couches, feather filled cushions you can just flop down on after a long day with a nice glass of wine.

So for now, I will just continue dreaming. I may have to dream about it forever, or at least until I can afford the price tag that goes with the wonderful pieces they have in here.

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because the sand felt good on my feet

I forget how much the beach and I get along. It's like we have this understanding that no matter how long it has been, it's like we were never apart.

 I felt the sand between my toes, I felt the breeze kiss my skin, I felt the water chill my ankles, I felt that warm sunshine golden up my skin.

It was a beautiful reunion that I needed, a little blessing in disguise on an impromptu getaway that I really didn't expect.

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the love affair all began with a taxi ride.

                                        ... and here's to hoping the love affair will continue.

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viva a mexico


I love that life surprises me sometimes. 
So when i think the universe isn't listening, it really is. 

Who knew that May would show me a new place? 
A little quaint town in a historical part of Guadalahara. 
Oh, Tlaquepaque. You charmed me. You grabbed hold of my tired  body and swept me through your markets, grasped hold of my sleepy eyes and opened them wide to your wonderful streets.You took me through your journey of your morning routine. 

Then came Guadalajara Centro. Old buildings, historical monuments, numerous fountains, wonderful buildings. And a city that somewhat reminds me of home plus the Mexican charm. I really have fallen in love. 

And you got me in one day.


more photos to follow.
** blogged the day photos were taken**
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... and the person who taught me that role

                         Dear mum, 

you always told me that one day i would know.
you always told me that i would feel it in my heart and soul.
and you always told me that one day i would truly understand.
i get it now. i really do.
thank you for being patient with me and
thank you for teaching me how to be the mother  that i am.

so to you my beautiful mother, on mother's day. 
you always did know i'd get it one day.
                                                 ❤ me

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my most important role

 i am a mother.

it was all i ever imagined it to be and more,
but it is also harder than i ever thought it would be.
it is rewarding, it is happiness, it is laughter. it is love.

i am a mother.

it is how my own mother always said it would be, words i never believed.
i should have really listened.
it was something i wanted to be more than anything in this world.
it is a beautiful struggle. it is a pretty special thing.

i am a mother.
and i'm truly truly blessed.

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8 am heat

Summer is definitely here. 
It's humid.
It's scorching at 8am.
You need three showers a day + a swim to cool off.
 in fact, you sweat right after each shower.

AND it's May already. Where has the year gone and why is it all moving so fast?  I haven't even done half the things I'd imagine I was doing at the almost-half-years mark.
I should have believed my folks when they always warned about wishing time away. Little did I know that you will wish for that time back.
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