london polaroids

above photos by ink & post

 Ah, London, how I miss you so....
Above photo from unknown source.
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pretty little layers


I couldn''t possible edit any photos out of my little collection because I love every single one.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time now, know that these drawings speak my language of artistic love to a tee.

Such feminine illustrations by Australian artist Elisa Mazzone. She uses layers of lace, fabric or string to detail her delicate sketches that create a little 3D illusion and dimension. It gives her drawings a depth of detail next to the soft lines in her 2d sketch.

Pencil + watercolour wash + lace = absolute love.

Need to see more? You can also follow her blog here.
You will be able to see more of her work and what also inspires her.

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a wonderwall kind of sunday


 I think it's just one of Sundays. Acoustic beats, soft music, sunshine with not much to say.

Rare, I know. But nevertheless, my wonderful, ordinary Sunday indeed.

    Wonderwall- Ryan Adams
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someone like you

Everything about this video exudes emotion.

Her voice. Her eyes. Her actions.

The cinematography. The soft lighting. The back lighting. The sun flares.


I can watch this over and over again.

Shame it's almost 1 am.
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the august break

last year was amazing.

there were days when my photos meant more than words could ever describe, so i have been looking forward to the august break since the beginning of summer.

no rules. no pressure. just simple photography. simple captures.

i can't wait for it to start.

it's just what i need. 

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my july

ten little things that made me smile in the first
                                                             few weeks of july :

1. June Marieezy's soulful voice and soft beats + the fact that she's pure filipino.
2. Walking + house stalking + drinking beer by Hermosa Beach with one of my favourite people.
3. Sandwiches, Mint & Lemon Water +  fresh salad by Redondo Pier.
4. Spendng a whole day in Hong Kong with my little boy.
5. Slumber parties in my room with my two boys.
6. The first family Sunday together in over a month.
7. Blue skies + the smell of the ocean.
8. Being at my goddaughter's first birthday party and hearing about her first step.
9. Finding out that my dad surprised us with tickets to see  Cirque de Solei's Varekai. Saying I'm excited is an understatement.
10. Sushi. But that always makes me smile.

Two things that made me unhappy.
1. Saying goodbye to my best friend/ cousin as her and her family move to Portland.
2. Frank Provost salon who burnt + damaged my hair.

Thank goodness the good outweigh the bad.

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Seeing the world above the clouds

His two year old eyes couldn't grasp that we were flying.

He knew we were in the sky and above the clouds, but I could see his mind trying to process what I had just told him.

They sparkled with curiousity, they beamed with excitement but also clouded over with confusion.

Then in one moment he understood it all.
In one moment, he became Buzz Lightyear flying in the sky like a rocket.

He really did get it after all.
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airport architecture

I've been travelling so much recently for work and sometimes I feel like I actually live in the airports.

Thank goodness for architectural eye candy and lens worthy detail to keep me busy. Wish I could blog on my Ipad as I don't carry my laptop around with me. Have they even created a blogger app yet?!
I've been so slack with my blog posts, i feel like I have lost direction in it all. I'm hoping I'll get back into it soon. I need some sort of inspiration to get me back up and running.

In fact, I'm a little lost with it all.

Perhaps it's being away from reality that keeps me from posting or leaves me rambling on a post like this.

So yes. Thank goodness for photos.

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when words mean more than you know

millions and millions of years 
would still not give me half enough time 
to describe that tiny instant of all eternity 
when you put your arms around me
and i put my arms around you.

jacques prevert
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my vintage kind of tuesday


This London based interior sylist, Victoria Fitchett, shows her creative side when it comes to showcasing her interior styles on her online portfolio. Very vintage, very mismatched but extremely balanced.

The photography is great, the visual creativity showcases textures, layering, and symmetry. For what it's worth, I think I may love the photography just a tad bit more than the styling, but with my new found love for anything rustic, it's coming up to par with the visual love too.

First seen in one of my blog reads at 79 Ideas .
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