Seeing the world above the clouds

His two year old eyes couldn't grasp that we were flying.

He knew we were in the sky and above the clouds, but I could see his mind trying to process what I had just told him.

They sparkled with curiousity, they beamed with excitement but also clouded over with confusion.

Then in one moment he understood it all.
In one moment, he became Buzz Lightyear flying in the sky like a rocket.

He really did get it after all.
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Newlymeds said...

I love this post. It was so sweet!

the lovebirds said...

so happy i found your blog. i loooove it! gorgeous pictures! xoxo

.rae. said...

@ newlymeds thank you! :)

@thelovebirds, I'm glad you found it too. :P and thank you.

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