A lot has happened since I last blogged. 
What I thought was going to be a month of daily updates became a project left unattended.

But nevertheless, it's been breathtaking. 
And the journey has left me a little breathless from all the excitement.

So for now, while I catch my breath and slow down a little, I leave you with contagious smiles from these two troublemakers in my life who just discovered each other.

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it makes me happy

My eyes see a different world behind that lens.
My eyes see things that don't normally appear with just walking past.

Moments freeze.
Emotions are painted
Time stands still in just one capture.

This is how I like to remember. This is how I like to visualise.

And this, well, this is just how I like seeing the world.

Photo by Lori Blackburn.

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riding a cruiser with my hair blowing in the wind


24 hours.

A cruiser ride through Hermosa/ Redondo / Manhattan Beach.
Architectural eye candy and then some.  Silver grey clouds with a hint of sunshine.

Foie gras burgers, truffle fries, roast chicken, quinoa + hummous and a whole load of wine.

Four halfies + a latina = one epic night of  laughter and a whole load of shufflin'.

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a night with my chef


One Friday night.
16 people, an extremely hot kitchen.
A whole lot of food and a extreme amount of respect for what my husband does.

Passion is surely what you need to choose this career.

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I'll wait on your doorstep till you let me come in

A bit of Erykah, vintage cigar labels, a mason jar and a whole load of sunshine.

I kinda like it all.

                                         Erykah Badu - Turn Me Away (Get Munny)

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a better day

Me: "Okay time for your nap. Look how tired your eyes are."
Cameron: "But am not tired, am not yawning, Mummy."

A little perspective from my little person.
A little perspective for me to think about when I have the days like I had yesterday.

How can I be miserable + grumpy when I have a smiling face like his keeping me company?
How can wish for days to end when there never seems to be enough time in a day to lay under the covers
with him and just cuddle?
How can I wish time away when all I want is for it to stop when I look at him grow everyday?

A simple smile from him today that brought on an immense understanding.

* EDIT:  As I published this post, I forgot to attach a link to last years. 
And then found that I wrote this letter to my son. I think the universe is
                       trying to tell me something.

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is it over yet?

Only ten days in the month and it's been one of those weeks already.

Even  worse, it's been one of those days.
 .. and as much as I hate wishing time away, I can't wait till it ends.

The sun has been shining, however, and has been bringing sunspots into my days again.
They always make my day.

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the little schoolboy

... and his mummy who is in disbelief that he's not a baby anymore.

day nine 2011.

day nine 2010. 

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beacuse I can't enough of her

because she deserves a post for the august break.
              ...... and because camila do rosario inspires me to open those pages of my sketchbook.

first blogged here
 and just recently seen blogged here.

day seven + eight 2010 

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the sixth and seventh

Three days.
Four cities. 

Loneliness amongst hundreds of faces.
Silence among thousands of voices.
Handful of hours.
But with no time at all. 
Three days.
Four cities.

see what day five and six of August Break 2010 was like.

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Being in day five twice

Two different time zones gives me the fifth of August twice, which is kinda nice. :)

My feet find themselves up in the air again for work and they take me to a different turf, on a different land, with different people. It is a different everything. And then I'm back to where I began again, and it's just a circle of routine that I find myself in, one that literally takes me around the world and back again in three days.

Wish there was some actual time to breathe.
Kind of sounds like how my minds been working. Perhaps my realities are working side my side with my thoughts.

p.s. I finally figured how blog and post images on the iPad. Phew.

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starting day four at one am

I really don't like it when I can't sleep.

My mind works in a fast forward motion, my eyes flicker back and forth with ideas + thoughts.
Then the ideas get lost with the pace that my thoughts move in.
                                  And then I get stuck.

                                It's like I begin to drown in my own endless pool of an emotional oxymoron.

I don't, however, like drowning. It's not who I am. So I fight it.
I battle that force that makes my mind flutter around like a madman on speed.

                                                           But God help me, I  really JUST want to sleep.

day four of the August Break 2010

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bringing words and a little beat into day three

Thoughts and dreams....

Words that sit on my desk.
           Daily reminders for me, simple ones that mean so much more than I actually realise.

Ben Westbeech - So Good Today

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