starting day four at one am

I really don't like it when I can't sleep.

My mind works in a fast forward motion, my eyes flicker back and forth with ideas + thoughts.
Then the ideas get lost with the pace that my thoughts move in.
                                  And then I get stuck.

                                It's like I begin to drown in my own endless pool of an emotional oxymoron.

I don't, however, like drowning. It's not who I am. So I fight it.
I battle that force that makes my mind flutter around like a madman on speed.

                                                           But God help me, I  really JUST want to sleep.

day four of the August Break 2010

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Bella said...

I know the feeling.
Love your photos!
What a pretty blog you have.

galatea. said...

very interesting to know that others go through the same dilemma I put myself at times. i like that you write just as good as you paint. you're really a natural artist rae x

Hope said...

know that feeling all to well..

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