a better day

Me: "Okay time for your nap. Look how tired your eyes are."
Cameron: "But am not tired, am not yawning, Mummy."

A little perspective from my little person.
A little perspective for me to think about when I have the days like I had yesterday.

How can I be miserable + grumpy when I have a smiling face like his keeping me company?
How can wish for days to end when there never seems to be enough time in a day to lay under the covers
with him and just cuddle?
How can I wish time away when all I want is for it to stop when I look at him grow everyday?

A simple smile from him today that brought on an immense understanding.

* EDIT:  As I published this post, I forgot to attach a link to last years. 
And then found that I wrote this letter to my son. I think the universe is
                       trying to tell me something.

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Mariella said...

Funny how the perspective changes from their point of view isn't it? Thanks for stopping by Rae and I am also always "following"your adventures around the world! xo

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