Birdcages, owls and poopie nappies.

When you are eight months pregnant, it's easy to feel left out. It's easy to feel like the world is speeding past you while you waddle through your days. It's easy to feel like so much is happening around you and you lose your breath trying to catch up. For your girlfriends will still have their dinners over cocktails and red wine. Your girlfriends will still go out dancing and your girlfriends will still sleep in the next day rocking those ultimate hangovers.

Life around you goes on and you miss out on certain things. 
But at eight months pregnant, a walk down the hall leaves you breathless. 
Lying down on the couch with your swollen feet up sounds more appealing than dancing in your five inch heels.
Drinking a cup of ginger tea warms you up more than that glass of Pinotage. 
Wearing comfy pajamas at nine in the evening is more comfortable than those skinny ass jeans.

And then special days happen that celebrate the main reason why you are in fact missing out. 
And then you realise, that you are not missing out on much. 
On special days like this one, your friends remind you that you are missed as much as you miss them. 
And that they are not going anywhere. 

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