.a letter to my son.

Day eleven, twelve and thirteen
the August Break.

To my dearest Cameron,

When did this happen? When did you become a little boy?

When did you grow up from the little baby that used to lay in my arms so still and dependent? When did you grow out of your little rompers and cute onesies? When did you lose your chubby little cheeks and when did you lose the folds on your tiny legs? When did your gummy smile become one with a full set of white teeth? When did you become so big that I can't carry you for too long anymore? And when did you not want to be carried anymore? When did you learn how to be so independent at only 22 months old? Your cleverness amazes me and your curiosity overcomes me with pride. Do you see me stare at you, as if to grasp onto time hoping that it would stand still for just one moment? Do you notice how I hug you tightly each night as I put you to bed knowing that the next day you will show me something new that you have learned? I watch you as you continue to learn, continue to grow and wonder when it happened. 

Was it when I blinked my eyes? Or perhaps it happened when I went out for my afternoon meeting? Or maybe it happened when you closed your eyes at the end of your long day and journeyed through your wonderful dreamland?

Oh, my little one. How I wish time would slow down.
14 weeks
5 months
22 months
22 months
May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young
                                              May you grow up to be righteous
                                   May you grow up to be true
                                   May you always know the truth
                                   And see the lights surrounding you
                                   May you always be courageous
                                   Stand upright and be strong
                                    May you stay forever young
                                    Forever young, forever young
                                    May you stay forever young
                                                                                          May your hands always be busy
                                                                       May your feet always be swift
                                                                       May you have a strong foundation
                                                                       When the winds of changes shift
                                                                       May your heart always be joyful
                                                                       May your song always be sung
                                                                       May you stay forever young
                                                                       Forever young, forever young
                                                                       May you stay forever young
                                                                                                          Bob Dylan.
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lisa said...

This is beautiful. You have no idea how much I can identify with this, even though my "baby boy" just turned 21!

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