.looking through another lens.

day ten.

Sometimes there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Time goes quickly and then when I finally take a breather, I realise that my day has not been captured through my lens. Day ten into the August Break and I failed already. I forget how easy it is to let it slip. I spoke to a friend the other day about how easy it is to forget to paint or draw, write, or even photograph. You make excuses about why you haven't had the time and you come up with reasons why you cannot spare that one hour in a day to live in your creative world. It is only an hour, if that is really all you can spare. I possibly need to stop making these excuses and not let time slip away so easily.

But seeing that there are no rules in the August Break, I have decided not to be too hard on myself and rather end my day with a little creative inspiration. Lauren Treece's photos are a wonderful mix of subdued colours and pure emotion. Nostalgic and vintage. Moody and subdued. I love them and I could look at her photos over and over again.

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