.sketchbook diaries: camila do rosario.

Goodness, the pages of this moleskin make me happy. Camila Do Rosario makes me happy.
She mixes fabrics with sketches, layers words and notebook paper with her beautiful drawings and her dainty details make her lines so wonderful to look at.

The vintage feel to her pages. The use of old negatives. The slides, postcards and stamps.
I am absolutely fascinated and captivated... and of course, totally inspired. I can't stop looking at her work.

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C. Knack said...

those are very cool

Lilouka pour JojO said...

ces illustrations sont superbes et votre blog très agréable

Erin Wallace said...

Your blog is so beautiful! I've been interviewed by Dorothea and wanted to meet the other interviewees. I'm so happy that I got to meet and follow you.

xo Erin

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