.washed out beauty.

I don't usually post my photography inspirations here, it's always been about the art, the lines, the colours, and the details. But I can't help myself this time around.  Maciej Leszczynski on Photography Served immediately caught my eye.

Here, it's the washed out sky, the washed out water that to me, creates power to the subject, power to the photograph.

Her black and whites are also stunning, crisp and detailed but yet she still captures the movement with her slow shutter speed. Her subjects are simple, with no contradictions around it. Just shadow, light, and lines.

And when she shoots in colour, the shots are vivid and alive. It is as if she gives life to still objects, as if they are breathing through the photo.

And now I sit here, with pure camera envy. I sit here dreaming of my next photographic excursion where I can challenge my imagination and my lens. I sit here hoping that it will come soon.
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