.slipping off the track.

So yes,  it's been ages. Ten days is a long time to be away from my online home.

I have not had the words to blog. I have not had the photographs to show. And I have not had the creative inspiration to share.

There are too many things happening in real life that my creative dreamland has been put to the side. I've slipped off the creative track that I was on but it is only a little slip. Reality has kicked my butt a bit, but I can still find my way back onto the track.

It's about getting right back up and not letting these breaks damage the rest of the path.

So now I must say that I am only looking forward to what September is going to bring me. A second round in Unravelling, new design strategies, creative challenges, time with friends and a weekend on a tropical island.

Right. I think it's time that I find my way right back onto that track.
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Mariella said...

so welcome back rae, I haven't been blogging so much myself but reality has been too good to be missed;-)

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