.because I'm a mama.

As a mother, I always like to read other mother's stories, how they raise their children, about their special moments, and even about our similarities in motherhood. It helps me know and realise that I am not alone and that in another part of this world,  someone else has gone through an exact same situation or emotion.  So then an offer came to participate in a parenting interview by Dorothy from Feet on the Ground .  As I slowly answered each question, deep down I sat there wondering if other mothers would relate to me, would share my experiences, or would feel my emotions.

And now it's up on Dorothy's wonderful site and as I read it over again, I know in my heart that there are mothers out there who feel the same way as I do.

A mother's experiences are wonderful to share. We all share this language, this understanding, the exhaustion, and the overwhelming love we have for our children.

Check it out here!

Photos by Aiza Cruz-Wing Photography
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Gina said...

It is so true! I often think the same thing. I love to hear all the different views, but I realize too, that what works for one person may not work for me. Those photos of you and your family are stunning!

d. said...

oh yes, the photos took my breath away! they are so beautiful! i left a comment also in the posting of your interview. i can relate so much to the things you are talking about. thanks!
much love, d.

rae said...

The photos are lovely aren't they? My friend Aiza took them and she is an amazing photographer. You should have a look at her website. Her link is on this post.

Gina, yes, this too is true. There are many things I relate to, but also many things that I realise also don't work for me either.

D, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your blog. :P

monica said...

love these photos!! they are breath taking!


galatea. said...

hey rae! nice blog xx

- cesca

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