when lines become art : Louise Despont

I just love Brooklyn artist Louise Despont's architectural geometry and lines. Her patterns of complex lines and circles, created with graphite on antique paper, are so wonderfully detailed and extremely intricate. Her symmetry is soft and delicate, but in fact also manages to create a softness to her more angular lines.

I love the art deco feel to each piece, but yet what definitely draws me to her work the most is the architectural drawing feel to her artwork. 

See more of her work here and here and prepare to fall even more in love.

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galatea. said...

wow i'm in looove <3

.rae. said...

i'm super in love with her work. Would so hang this on my wall.

p.s thanks for your comments on my blog. I have some silent readers so it's nice that your comments come up once in a while. :D

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