“ If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? "

There were forty seven of us. 
Forty seven of us on just five walls. 

It felt good to see my work up there and felt good to a part of something big, knowing that everyone had gathered there to share one thing in common. I stood there and looked around, proud of this little achievement of mine, a dream I wanted to reach for years now. All of a sudden, it became real. How do you cope with an emotion like that? How do you deal with how your heart feels when it's bursting at the seams? 

And now all I want is more. I want to feel more of that heavy heartbeat, feel the anxiety of how people reacted to my art, feel the adrenaline that I felt when I stood next to my work and feel how my cheeks felt from smiling all night.

Oh my, I tell you. 
That feeling.. that feeling that crept through my bones. It truly was something else 
and I can't wait for the day it comes to see me again. 

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galatea. said...

this is incredible! i am soo proud of you babe. looks fantastic xx

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