the glamourbaby diaries

It's not often that I get asked to be featured on a blog. 
In fact, it's not often that my blog gets any attention. 

So when Ruby asked me to be a glamourbaby for her blog,  The Glamourbaby Diaries, I thought, why not. 
A spoken word performer, a creative, a fellow Filipina who represents empowerment for women and youth and an advocate for social change. Why not be featured on her blog? There was nothing to lose after all. So I did. 

Jump on over here to see what the interview was about.

"Believe that things happen for a reason, that you need to trust yourself and your instincts. Believe in yourself and to trust that all struggles have a power to become your strength ..........  And wherever your ride takes you, well, enjoy it because it’s one that you’ll never forget."  
                                      - Rachel Le Roux

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