last week

10 things that made my week:

1. Lazy mornings with the cheekiest three year old I've ever known.
2. Restarting my fitness routine after six months of allowing my ankle to heal.
3. Girls night filled with sushi and salsa.
4. Completing a project my company has been working on since September.
5. Having that last bowl of rice with home cooked Filipino food the night before my diet (SO worth it)
6. Initial meeting with potential clients.
7. Putting up our Christmas tree!
8. Christmas lights.
9. Hearing news that one of my best friends will be coming to see me in five months.
10. Planning 2012.

1 thing that didn't make my week:
Having to say goodbye to my photo meditations project.  :(

On another note, this time last year I started on the reverb project where I reflected on the past year and thought about the year ahead. Lots of things to think about but since I don't think reverb is happening this year or I've totally missed out, I will probably try and catch up with my own 'reverb' project. We'll see how that pans out, shall we? 

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