i see you smiling at me


I see you.

I know you are looking at me. I know you are waiting to be finished.

I can feel your unfinished face looking at me, quietly whispering in my ear, pleading to shade in your forehead, shade in your hair.

But see, for some reason, I can't get there. Not yet that is. For some reason I started you and left you incomplete. 

But in time, you will have that forehead and you will have your hair. In time, you will be framed and many more of you will surface.

Just give me time.

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Mariella said...

This looks so beautiful and ...alive!!I wish I could draw like that but I barely know how to hold a pencil in my hands :-)Rae you really have to get back to it and finish it...but no pressure, the right time for you to do it will come, eventually

Anonymous said...

Rae, who's to decide when a piece of art is 'finished'? This looks beautiful as it is!

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