art inspiration : zso a.k.a. sara blake

It's been awhile since I have posted an artist inspiration post. I just haven't found anything that I have liked recently, and I found that a lot of artists that I had been looking at all pretty much has the same illustrative style. But check this New York City illustrator's style....
It's vivid yet it boasts of soft and dreamy strokes, her freestyle drawings start off with pencil and paper then she messes around with digital airbrushing and enhancements. 

I love it. It's colourful, loud, and wonderfully detailed. Her portrait's emotions are exposed and open, mixed in perfectly with her abstracted details. 

And oh my, her typography. 

I wish I would post all her work up here but instead have a look at her page

You will get reeled right into her 'digital playground' and not want to leave.

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Maria Dermengiu said...

Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed it! you have a wonderful blog, best wishes,Maria

galatea. said...

how gorgeous xx

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