for one moment I sit and believe

a kiss to build a dream on - Louis Armstrong

Sometimes I sit back and listen to some music, close my eyes and just feel it through my bones, through my soul and embrace every beat, every tune. I let the voices take me away into their world, let the instruments carry me through to another world. And at times, I too, let my voice sweep me away into the melodies of the song. And in this world, everything is okay and life is just the way things are supposed to be.

Sometimes I use music as my escape, to drown out my worries, to mask my concerns, to temporarily erase doubt. It helps you know, at least for the moment it does. And in this one moment of my musical takeover, I can breathe. I can sit here and believe that life is just the way it is supposed to be and that life knows what it has planned for me. I must believe that this truly is the way things are supposed to be.

And sometimes when the music stops, I panic for a little bit. My realities have swooped back down on me. Where is the music to make me momentarily slip away from consciousness? But then I know that I can do this without my music, I don't need it to mask away my fears, for it is my fears that make me stronger.

Then I realise that I can do this. I can get through whatever life challenges me with having to escape.
I don't need to hide. But really.... it is nice sometimes. It really is.

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Mariella said...

I know exactly what you mean as music has the same effect on me and when I don't listen to MY music for longtime, I know that there is something missing in my life...
p.s. did you receive the message I sent you about the shop in Hk where you can find the polaroids?

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