november dreaming.

the dreamer in me wishes to be by the ocean, submerged in waters so deep, listening to the silence of the life beneath the surface of the blue waters. the dreamer wishes to feel the gusts of wind blowing through her dress. she wishes to lay on soft grass, where time stands still for a length of time, with shadows playing behind her lids,  as the sunbeams radiate on her skin while the world around her moves by so quickly.

the dreamer in me wishes to walk through a park full of trees, with pathways that seems endless. she wishes to run through a valley of flowers with stems so long, they tower over her. she pictures riding a bike through a park full of autumn leaves, feeling the winds blow on her face as the wheels circle around and around. she dreams of riding on ocean waves, to feel only the wind powering through her hair as the sun's strong rays burn her skin. 

she wishes to dream some more, over and over again until they become real.

Amel Larrieux - Morning

 Photos by laura olivia baker

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