a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

Billie Holiday - Them There Eyes

List no 1:

little things that made my week

  1. Salami and cheese toasted sandwiches
  2. An evening with girlfriends. Late dinner, wine, vodka tonics, flaming shots on a tuesday night, wine and cheese back at home. Good fun, good company, lots of laughter. 
  3. My new home. I don't deal with change well, but when change is on your side, it really works.
  4. A cup of good old PG tips. 
  5. My son's scrunched up smile
  6. Finding an old box of paints and materials
  7. Billie Holiday
  8. Receiving that phone call from the Apple technician to let me know he saved most of my files from my fried hard drive.
  9. Serenitea Okinawa Bubble Milk tea
  10. Canvases that have been filled up
 painting by Cameron Le Roux

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