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December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful. (Author: Karen Walrond)

Beautifully different?

                   Me? Not sure.

I've never seen myself as different, sometimes I feel like I blend in with a crowd too much, 
sometimes I feel like I just ride the waves that come in my direction, 
simply walk the paths that I cross; merge with the routines people do to just survive. 
Perhaps listing it all down will pave my 
search for all the things that make me beautifully different.

  •  I always cry when I'm angry. I always cry when I'm happy. So needless to say my emotions ALWAYS get the best of me.
  • A small scar sits on the middle of the bridge of my nose, scars on my elbows, scars on my knees. See next topic for answer.
  •  I am the queen of all klutzes. I was not meant to have toes seeing that I always hurt them, I was not meant to have feet to steady me on the ground as I always trip over them. There is not one day where there is no scratch or bruise on this body.
  • My daydreams take me away more than they should.
  • I really don't like being wrong and I'll fight for it until I know I'm right. But I'm also shy, so if I don't know you, sometimes I let the fight slide. Yes, I'm shy, but get to know me and the extrovert comes through.
  • I give all that I am to those that I love,  sometimes too much.
  • I like to peel my nailpolish, peel labels off anything, peel glue off my hands, peel melting wax off a candle, play with melting wax, and peel paint off surfaces.
  • I can be very girly but a true tomboy at heart. 
  • My teeth are crooked, my thighs are chunky and my legs are short. 
  • I love to read but sometimes skip through words just to get through a chapter.
  • And I love trashy novels. I really do. 
  • I need to listen to music everyday. I need it to vibe with my daydreams. I need it to vibe with my realities.
  •  I sing. But I don't share it. 
  • I am a true and utter idealist no matter what I make myself believe. My optimism makes me fall hard sometimes.
  • When I turned 30, I wanted to believe that I knew everything about myself.... there are still some blank spaces in this puzzle that need to be filled.

Beautifully different. I like it.

Maybe I really am beautifully different and I haven't realised the depth of it yet.

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