dear blog

I am sorry that I have been neglecting your space.

I am sorry because life has been speeding past me and i have not been able to document it.

I am sorry because my computer fried and I have lost some important files and have not had my digital world at hand.

I really am sorry but please know that I am not gone for good and that you have not just been there for momentary online therapy.

I am sorry but my reality has really needed a little bit of attention.

But my reality is almost set up and somehow within all the running around I have managed to catch my breath this morning and enjoy my new space, my new sun spots, my new home.....

Oh my, I think reality is also telling me that I am in dire need of a pedicure.
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Mariella said...

oh you're not the only one who needs a pedicure very badly dear Rae, and never seems to find the time to do it;-) ...anyway, welcome back and enjoy your new home, it looks beautiful!x

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