dreams that never passed by

" We were full of the stuff that every dream rested
  As if floating on a lumpy pillow sky
Caught up in the whole illusion
That dreams never pass us by
Came to a tattoed conclusion
That the big one was knocking on the door
What started as a mass delusion
Would take me far from the place I adore ..... "

There was once a time where New York called my name. Its bright shiny lights
flickered with compelling notions, luring me with its fire. Its busy streets hummed
with a silenced noise, a constant drum of motion that beat through me, ricocheted
through me. The city grasped me into its splendour, its charm; it captivated me with
its secret potion.

I think I would have lived in a loft. I would have had facebrick exposed walls and
rustic wood floor paneling, uneven and unfinished. I would have had extra large
windows willowing with white sheer curtains and a fire escape outside where I
could have sat and watched the city's buzz ignite below me. Perhaps I would have
had mismatched vintage furniture that I would have rummaged through in one
of Brooklyn's flea markets. I would have had my easel set up in one corner by one
of my very large windows. And maybe I could have also had a reading corner
by the heating, with sunshine pouring into my living room as the winter blew its
freezing wind.

Perhaps I would have had this all. But I didn't.

So this is all a dream that I still dream of, a dream that I still hold in the palm of
my hands, a dream that I know I almost had. 
But it's okay. I like to dream, even if they never pass me by.

Photos courtesy of desire to inspire.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love
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