.life drawing for rusty beginners.

I remember how my fingers flowed with willow charcoal sticks. My hands took me through journeys on paper. Ten weeks straight of pure life drawing. I sat in my “life drawing for rusty beginners for ten whole weeks, ten weeks immersed in studying this bodies.  I remember sitting impatiently for the work day to end so I could rush to my evening classes. I remember feeling so free.
I am still on a desperate search of life drawing classes. I wish I knew more about the art scene here and I wish it was as easy as it was in London. Sometimes I feel like my need to be part of an “art community” is superficial. Why do I need this to be the artist I want to be?  And why am I trying to justify the fact that in order to be an artist I must be “in the scene”?  You see, I live for inspiration. Inspiration allows me to create and other artists who surround me allow me to grasp and soak in the inspiration. But perhaps I must first learn that inspiration can come from within, and I myself can be my own inspiration.
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