.good things come to an end…. till it comes around again .

I know I’ve written about this wonderful woman before.

But I found that I have never written about my Unravelling journey.

This journey was one where words cannot possibly be enough to fully describe the unimaginable creative and personal growth I experienced. What seemed like a long eight week journey ended quickly, but throughout this time I have learned that there is more to life that just regrets, negativity, and that I can let go of that constant resistance to be who I am. I can let go of the remnants of the past that cloud my soul and I can embrace my creativity. I can believe that I am the artist I want to be and that I am.

I have ‘met’ and connected with so many wonderful people through this course, and I have yet to meet them in person. But we shared the same journey, and this…. this is what made the journey so much more enjoyable. A wonderful tribe of women have entered my life unexpectedly and I could have not have asked for anything else. So as much as I have thanked them, I will do so forever.

Oh, I can’t wait till September. Unravelling II, I will try and be patient waiting for you to come around.
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