my two thousand and ten

Captured: the year that was my two thousand and ten.
my two thousand and ten :
  1. it taught me challenges.
  2. it gave me old and new friends.
  3. i took my son to his first day of preschool and felt my tears well up in my whole body.
  4. i learned about my 3 year old camera in one basic class and rediscovered my love for photography.
  5. i started a blog that originally started here and can't imagine being without it now.
  6. i unravelled.
  7. i saw one of the philippines' 7100 islands in two trips.
  8. i saw hong kong with different eyes.
  9. i saw my son grow from a baby into a little boy.
  10. i began to feel at home in a place that i grew up.
  11. i saw my best friend become a mother.
  12. we moved to a new house and have made it our home. 
  13. it brought me patience
  14. it brought me an understanding that everything has happened for a reason.
  15. its brought me hope that the new year will be the year that i can shine, the year that i can make it through and perhaps that year that i can find myself in that deep sea of creatives and be above the waters where i am breathing and nothing will be pulling me down.
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