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I easily forget where my true passion lies. But then when I look back into my files from my third year lecture series at Chelsea College of Art and Design, I remember exactly when I fell in love with architecture. 

Mostly it is about the beginning stages, when everything is so raw, when the lines trace sketchbooks, blank pieces of tracing paper, or random paper napkins in coffee shops.Then it becomes about the stories behind it, behind why a building was created. And then comes the finished stage, where you see the written, sketched out stories in its material and complete structure within the landscapes. 

As much as my love for interior was embedded into my young heart, my love for architecture grew as we were taught aspects of it that I never knew existed. 

and now I fully understand (even if I already knew)  where my love for delicate lines and simple colour began....

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Sarah said...

hey you should check out
my friend doing architecture

great blog

alberto said...

wow your work is amazing

.rae. said...

Oh, Alberto. I wish it was my work. Just my inspirations. :)

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