a letter to the universe

Dear Universe,

So, last year was tough. Somehow,  I now believe that you weren't on my side. But I am writing this letter to ask you to sit by me for my two thousand and eleven. Because I truly believe that it can be mine to grasp onto and remember.

Help me to know that this needs to be my year.
Remind me that this needs to be the year that I excel.
Tell me this has to be the year that I shine, this should be the year that I find my place.
Convince me that this can be the one, that this will be the one.

And as I walk through the doors of a gigantic firm tomorrow with my portfolio in my arms, I only ask for you to hold my hand through it all, for you to remind me that things happen for a reason and for you to help me understand that this is what I need, albeit not what I had envisioned. I also ask for you to help me with my nerves seeing that it has been awhile since I have done this.

I hope that is not too much to ask.


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