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I don’t want to become on of those people who start blogs and then slowly forget about it. I aimed to start this and to keep up with my inspirations through it. But man, this week has been hectic. Wonderfully hectic. Overwhelmingly hectic. So I am excusing myself from the neglected blog this time because it was neglected for the right reasons. Sometimes when things don’t seem to be falling into place for me, it takes that one step through the creative world that gets me going again. I get lost in my thoughts too much and sometimes it prevents me from implementing my ideas. And then sometimes I lose my courage. I believe I’m brave when it comes to expressing my creativity, I always have been but when the doubt kicks in, it kicks me hard. Why do I doubt my creativity sometimes? I needed to begin believing in my world again.

In the last few weeks, I have found myself doing courses to kick start this spark in me, a basic photography course and another creative course that focuses on me, a pathway into discovering who I am. Doing these courses side by side has just opened a little door in me again, one that I had a few years back that I seemed to have lost with all the transition that had been going on in my life.

I’m excited for what the future holds. I know it’s all about me. I have to make it all happen. I have to believe I can make it all happen.

I’m beginning to fall deeper in love with photography.

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Mariella said...

You cannot believe how much I get your words...it seems like me in the past 2 days...your pictures are wonderful and I believe you are talented enough to get wherever you want...keep going! M., fellow unraveller :-)

p.s. btw, can I ask you what kind of photography course you are doing? I am looking for one online but seems I can't find the right one, thanks!

Cablearms said...

These photos are wonderful. My fave is the one with rippled water (puddle?) It has a calmness to it - and all the layered lines of the ripples couldn't have been "set up" for the shot any better. Well done!

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