.it is always about the dreams.

I let a lot of dreams go when I was younger. I didn’t want to, I had to. It was just the way things had to go. And then I chose to forget about them so it didn’t hurt so much at the time. But how far did those dreams really go?  Is it that you have them one day and then the next you just don’t?
I don’t really do well with change and yet change has been a part of my life since I left home at 18. So when my dreams changed, I didn’t know how to handle it. When you want something so bad, how could dreams change? How can you change what you really want? But then I began to understand that it wasn’t about letting them go completely, it was about adapting them into new ones and making the revised versions happen. And some of them have happened. My creative dreams….. they happened. And it makes me very proud.

I have new ones that have come up. New dreams. New directions. And through this all, I sit and hope that I can do this the way they are supposed to happen. So although revised dreams are wonderful, it would be nice for things to fall into place just the way they are supposed to.
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