.because i love paris.

I thought I would do another ‘because’ place post before I get started on work. I’ve been thinking a lot about Paris recently, how I never went there enough. Twice was too little, and there was still so much to see.

My first time was a work trip so seeing sites were limited. In fact, I saw Paris only at night. And the Eiffel Tower was the only tourist spot we saw and as we climbed, the lights were sparkling through towers structure and from the middle tier, the scene below was breathtaking. We roamed the streets for the Fête de la Musique, drank in the middle of the street party, then spent the last night club hopping from one bar to another. The next time wasn’t quite as rowdy, as it was spent with my folks and brothers. Six months pregnant, with swollen feet, wasn’t exactly the ideal way to see the city.  However, with a flat in Parmentier over looking the busy street, just a walk away from Republique, who would’ve asked for more. I remember as the first night was slowly ending, Dad played Edith Piaf and I truly felt Paris. We did the typical tourist places as you do and it was wonderful. But I’d like to go back.

I’d like to go back with my husband and walk the streets like new lovers. I’d like him to swoop me up into his arms and kiss me beneath the Eiffel’s sparkling lights. I’d like to walk hand in hand down unsuspecting streets and stumble upon the art galleries. I’d like to sit at a cafe in the middle of the Latin Quarters sipping some wine watching the Parisians as they pass by. I’d like unveil Paris’ secrets together. And then after Paris, we can drive through the wine country in a car with a sun roof, through to Champagne then down to Nice.

Oh, it’s nice to dream sometimes.
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