. dancing like no one is watching .

       p a r i s  m e t r o -  summer ‘07

I believe that in your lifetime, there is this certain friend who comes into your life.

You become instant friends, as if you had known each other for years.

Her excitement is contagious and her warmth is welcoming.

She moans, whines, and complains with you.

She laughs and cries with you.

She loves your husband. And he loves her just the same.

She comes over to your house (halfway across the city)  to raid your cupboards because she has no food in her hers.

You can both dance and sing around the room like it is a stage as if you two are the only ones in it.

She drinks wine with you.

She tells you she loves you twenty times a day.

She loves unconditionally and she does not judge.

A passionate one who brings fun into your life.

She is the one you talk to when you think you are pregnant, goes through every step of the pregnancy with you and is your first visitor besides family after you give birth.

She brings energy to the room when the silence is overbearing.

She is the one who you can speak to ten times in one morning before you meet up for lunch.

She is crazy. Totally melodramatic and expressive.

Her confidence radiates and lights up the room.

And she always dances like no one is watching her.

You are complete opposites.
Total opposites that fit together.

i miss her.
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