ice cream and identical twins

 my weekend consisted of:
  •   38 hours of travelling, which included spending most of it being curled up on an uncomfortable economy seat, sleeping on the airport seats in transit, eating horrible airplane food, people watching and missing my family
  • Conversations with a stranger about his daughter, her craft and his grandchildren.
  • Reese’s pieces
  • Spending less than 24 hours with a good friend and her mum and finally meeting her twin sister.
  • A Monday lunch by the pier where I nibbled on baked oysters + calamares as I smelled the salty ocean breeze.
  • Hearing stories of the 70’s in the South California bay as I slurped on my chocolate dipped ice cream like a little girl
  • Sushi + Thai iced tea.
  • Blue skies
  •  Ordinary moments made special

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