i'm ready.

1. I'm ready to play football again. I'm ready for an 8k run.
2. I'm ready for a spicy tuna salad, medium rare steak, peanut butter sandwiches, eggs benedict, foie gras and vodka tonics.
3. I'm ready to go out dancing with my friends in high heels and skinny jeans.
4. I'm ready for long evenings of good food, bottles of red wine, conversations and friends without feeling the need to fall asleep at the stroke of 10 pm. 
5. I'm ready for round two of nappies and breastmilk. 
6. I'm ready for those long nights. 
7. I'm ready to walk and not waddle.
8. I'm ready to wear my wedding ring again.
9. I'm ready to get pampered with a full body deep tissue massage, dye my hair and get highlights.
10. I'm ready to be me again. 
11. But most of all, I'm ready to meet my little girl. Ready to be a mother of two. Ready to become a   family of four.

 I'm so ready. 

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