one day i will do these things for the first time

I posted this up the other day and it's all I can think of. 

One day I would...

1.  ...  love to samba my way through Rio when the Carnival is at it's peak.
2.  ... want to run through a field of yellow and white daisies, where the stems are so high
     above my head I can hide from the world.
3. ... want to overcome my fear and bungee jump off a bridge in South Africa.
4. ... love to rent a convertible and drive through Italy's countryside with my husband and
    stay in a  little Tuscan hotel with a courtyard.
5. ... want to go on a romantic date on a gondola in Venice.
6. ... want to ride a horse, barebacked, on an empty beach.
7. ... want to get remarried in Vegas by Elvis.
8. ... like to do a short course at Parsons in New York and embrace the city in my heart,
    even if it's just for a month. (The biggest dream I let go of.)
9. ... want to backpack through South America.
10. ... want to rent a scooter and drive around Spain like one of the locals.
11. ... want to ride a motorcycle cross country through the Americas, with a pit stop in
     Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.
12. ... want to learn how to play the guitar.
13. ... love to fly up high in the sky in a hot air balloon and watch the world below me.
14. ... want to skydive and feel the weightlessness of my body as it falls out of the airplane.
15. ... like to visit Kyoto and Tokyo and sit in a bonsai garden surrounded by old Japanese
16. ... want to see the cherry blossoms in Japan.
17. ... want to learn how to surf.
18. ... like to go back to university and get a Masters Degree.
19. ... want see London again, visit all the places I missed out on when I was living there,
      visit old friends, reconnect with the place that I called home for almost eight years.
20. ... would like to make in a difference in someones life.
21. ... would like to design our house and watch my concepts and ideas become real.
22. ... would like to have a canopy bed, with willowing, sheer curtains around each post.
23. ... want to train for and complete a triathalon.
24. ... love to sit by the river Seine in Paris' Latin Quarter with my canvas and paints and
      draw the city.
25. ... want to hike the Rice Terrace trails in the Philippine mountain province and climb
      through the caves in Segada
26. ... like to swim with the whale sharks in Donsol.
28. ... climb one of the mountains in the Philippines and prove to my husband that I can
      also be that girl.... you know, the one that can be one with nature. :)
27.  ... like to one day look back at my life and say, Wow, this was my life. I lived to experience.
      I lived to see new things. I lived to be who I wanted to be. I want to one day say I did it.
      I did all that I wanted to do. I want to one day say that I lived my life to the fullest with
      no regrets. I want to one day be grateful for the life that I lived.

But my list is not finished. There's plenty more to come, plenty more to do, plenty more to
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galatea. said...

beautiful read! makes me want to do all these things too x

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