perched on top of a hill watching the world below me

Last night I dreamt that I was on the edge of the earth. 
I walked across a path up top a hill in the country, where the edge seemed so close, as if i would fall should I have lost my balance.

Last night I dreamt of the ocean.
The silver tipped waves reflected back at me, and I sat with my feet hanging off the paths edge, as if my toes could reach out all the way to the middle of the sea.

Last night I dreamt of the salt water air brushing my cheeks as I hiked along the gravelled road down towards the beach.
The air was soft and delicate, as if I would miss its touch if I closed my eyes for one minute.

Last night I dreamt of walking on the shore.
My footsteps barely left prints, ones that were muted by the wet sand that touched my feet. I walked as if there was no end to the stretch ahead of me.

Last night in my dreams, there was tranquility. 
Last night in my dreams, it was so real.
as if i was truly there.

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