Erin Flannery on my mind.

"...I like to think of my style as illustration, street art 
and a hint of hand-stitching all meeting each other 
in a dark but lovely alleyway, getting on really well 
and deciding to throw themselves all over a raw linen canvas!"
                        -Erin Flannery

Monocrome. Textured. Effortless.

      Bold, dark tones with hints of soft muted colours are what Australian Erin Flannery showcases.
      With no use of full detail, she speaks the language of form and movement without 
      the need to say too much.You how they say less is more? Been following her for quite 
      sometime now, and I fall in love with her work more and more 
      every time I peek into her little folder in my 'because' files on my computer. 

For me, its that simplicity of art that becomes that ideal picture, 
that quintessential piece ..... THAT one that you hang up on your wall 
and stare at for hours. I know I would.

If this isn't enough eye candy, hop on over to her blog for more.

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E R I N said...

awwww you are SO lovely... thank you so much for your gorgeous words! i admire your interiors just as much... maybe we should mix the two one day!?


galatea. said...

these are incredible xx

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